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Text to Voice
Bell lab's Text To Voice Generator is so much fun, that we thought we would put it on one of our pages.
If you are on a Webtv, whatever you type in the box below, you can re-play in your e-mail. Just type in what you would like to hear, then after it's quit playing, hit "options" on your keyboard, then hit "go to", then hit "show last" and it will give you the URL address for the wav, then all you have left to do, is re-name it and transload the wav to your site. After transloading the wav, enter the wav's new URL in your E-mail signature box... Enjoy

Select a voice:
Man Woman Child
Gnat Coffee Drinker Big Man
Raspy Ridiculous

Audio format:
If you plan to enter obscene text which might be considered obscene, check here to certify that you are old enough to hear the resulting output.

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