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Even though it was short-lived,
the Pepsi Busch Team was a blast to watch.

"Pepsi continues to be an important part of my career, having sponsored me at the local tracks where I got my start, and now in this new and exciting venture." - Jeff Gordon

The Pepsi Team

Car Number - 24
Driver - Jeff Gordon
Owners - Brooke & Jeff Gordon
Primary Sponsor - Pepsi Cola
Associate Sponsors - Frito Lay, Hasbro & Ingersoll-Rand
Make of Car - Chevrolet
Model of Car - Monte Carlo
Team Manager - Michael Landis
Crew Chief - Patrick Donahue
Shop Location - Harrisburg, North Carolina

Pepsi Team Personel

Gas Man - Mike Belden
Crew Chief/Windshield - Patrick Donahue
Crew Member - Jonathan Dorton
Mechanical/Tire Changer - Kevin Gilman
Fabricator/Catch Can Man - Matt Hartman
Tire Carrier - Darren Jolly
Crew Member - A.J. Keene
Tire Carrier - Jeff Knight
Scorer - Lisa Landis
Team Manager/Spotter - Michael Landis
Mechanical/Shock Specialist - Lance McGrew
Communications - Ralph Miller
Truck Driver - Larry Morris
Jack Man - Barry Muse
Engine Tuner - Dave Tatman
Tire Changer - Mike Trower

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