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Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing or
abducted in the United States

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit
The Missing Children Page
Look around and then please drop in on
one of the wonderful organizations we have listed
here, they truly do some outstanding work.

One in seven children will
runaway before the age of 18.

Please visit at least one of the links in the table below,
who knows you just might help locate a missing child.

National Missing Children's
Locate Center - Links
New Cases Child Alert Featured Cases Family Abductions
Endangered Runaways Stranger - Unknown Success Stories Prevention Tips

"Whatever the reason for a child's disappearance,
you cannot begin to imagine the fear and anguish
that a parent feels when his or her child is missing."
John Walsh

"Help find a missing child."
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Please click on any state from the table below
to obtain information and to view the photos of
children who are missing from that area.

National Center
for Missing & Exploited Children - Links
Alabama Alaska Arkansas Arizona Calif.
Colorado Conn. Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Mass. Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada N. Hamp. N. Jersey
N. Mexico N. York N. Car. N. Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Penn. Rhode Isl. S. Car.
S. Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington W. Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Washington D.C.

"Help find a missing child."
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Each year approximately 5,000 runaway and homeless
youth die from assault, illness and suicide.

Write to your
by clicking here
and ask that more be done.

National Missing Childrens Locate Center

Sexual Offenders

Below you'll find links to state run web-sites,
which contain a state registered sex offender list,
search your state for information on convicted sex
offenders from your area. Most of these web-sites
provide a brief history of the offenders past arrest
record, an updated picture and a current or
last known address.

If your state is not listed, it does not mean that your
local county or city does not provide a registered
sex offender list, check with your local authorities.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities and Law
Enforcement has no legal authority to direct where sex offenders
may or may not live. Unless court ordered
restrictions exist, an offender is constitutionally
free to live wherever he or she chooses. However the
Community Protection Act of 1990
requires that those convicted of sex offenses must
register, with the primary legislative intent,
"to assist law enforcement agencies efforts to
protect their communities"

by providing relevant and necessary information.

Community Protection Act: The objective of the
1990 Community Protection Act
is to provide adequate notice to the community concerning
sex offenders who are, or will be residing in the community;
and to assist community members in developing
constructive plans to prepare themselves and their
children for residing near released sex offenders.

Sexual Offender - Links
Alabama Alaska Arizona Conn.
Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana
Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Nebraska N. York N. Car. S. Car.
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia W. Virginia Wyoming

The states below do not provide Internet access
to the names of registered sex offenders.
Local law enforcement agencies handle that information.
However, I have found a few counties and cities within
these states, with websites, that do contain a list
with internet access, but regretfully, most are
limited to their area or their surrounding areas.

States with Local Internet Access
Ohio Akron Cincinnati Clark County Green County Stark County
Okla. NE. Terr.
Oregon Benton
Wash. Bellevue Bellingham Clark County Cowlitz County King County
Longview Okanogan County Renton Wahkiakum County
Wis. Madison Milwaukee

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

National Missing Children's Locate Center

Missing Children Help Center

Vanished Children's Alliance

National Runaway Switchboard

The Lost Child
Emergency Broadcast System Recovery Network

Interstate Association for Stolen Children
Kids in Dire Straits

"making kids safe"

Child Alert Foundation

CyberPages International, Inc.
Missing Children

4 the Kids
Missing Kids Services

Operation Lookout
National Center for Missing Youth

Youth Educated in Safety, Inc.

Christin Lamb Foundation

The Nation's Missing Children Organization
& Center for Missing Adults

Child Abduction Resource Center

The Lion's House Children's Home

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