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With Jeff and Brooke parting ways, I was wondering if I should delete this page, but since I really have nothing against Brooke, I guess I'll keep it, she was a very important part of his life... Looks like I'll have to change a few things though.

This page is dedicated to Jeff Gordon's wife, who in our opinion, has to be one of the most supportive wife's in all of NASCAR. It's very rare not to see Brooke at the track, she seems to be at every race, supporting her husband, whether he wins or loses, her dedication to her husband and the sport he loves, might be equaled, but is never outdone.

Brooke Gordon

The following are just some little known facts about Mrs. Brooke Gordon

Married - Jeff Gordon
Wedding Date - November 26, 1994
Children - None
Maiden Name - Brooke Sealey
Original Home Town - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Religion - Devoted Christian
Education - University of North Carolina
Major - Psychology
Former Pageant Titles - Miss Winston 1993
Former Careers - Licensed Isurance Agent, Spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola and Modeled for Marilyn's Modeling Agency in Greensboro

"I'm so happy with my life now. I'm not out searching anymore. Brooke has brought so much joy into my life." - Jeff Gordon

"Since he has been married to Brooke he's a totally different person. He's more patient. I think she has really helped his driving." - Ray Evenham

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