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To get some idea of the impact of orchestrated pit stops, you have only to review NASCAR's own records on the average time it took to change four tires and refill the twenty-two-gallon gas tank over the years.

In 1950 - the average pit stop took - 4 minutes

In 1960 - this was cut way down to - 49 seconds

1970 - it was reduced to - 35 seconds

1980 - this was trimmed to - 30 seconds

In 1990 - it was shaved to - 22 seconds

In 1997 - it was down to - 20 seconds

In 2001 (today) - some teams are pitting in under - 15 seconds


Here are a few of the words, with their meanings, that you might just hear around the NASCAR circuit or in a conversation between NASCAR fans.

Alabama Gang - A group of drivers who all come from a small town in Alabama, by the name of Hueytown. Some of the drivers from this small town are, Bobby & Donnie Allison, Hut Stricklin and Red Farmer... Also from Hueytown were, Davey & Cliff Allison as well as Neil Bonnett (sadly stated, but Davey, Cliff and Neil are no longer with us).

Bootlegger's Turn - Used to run from a police road block. A complete U-turn, usually done by turning the steering wheel hard to the left or right and stepping on the gas at the same time to spin the car completely around and head off in the opposite direction.

Brake Fade - Caused by the brake fluid getting so hot during a race, that it begins to boil, releasing air into the brake lines. When this happens, a drivers brake pedal when pushed, can go all the way to the floorboard.

Busch Grand National - Racing circuit, one step below the Winston Cup Series.

CART - Acronym for Championship Auto Racing Teams

Craftsman Truck Series - A NASCAR circuit which uses truck bodies on stock car chassis, developed because of the growing number of truck owners in America

Flags - Flags are used to let drivers know certain information while they are racing.

Formula One - A mostly European racing sport involving the latest technology. Races are held worldwide, and at times the cars race on the common streets.

Fuel Cell - A mandatory container for carrying fuel in all NASCAR cars. It is a twenty-two-gallon bladder in a metal tank that prevents fuel spillage during a accident.

Go-Kart - A small low-powered racer, mostly used and raced by younger drivers.

IRL - Acronym for the Indy Racing League. It was designed to compete with CART.

Modified - A NASCAR approved car that has been altered from the usual factory model.

Pole - The number one starting position in a race. It is the inside , front row spot at the start and goes to whoever runs the fastest timed lap during qualifying or whoever wins a qualifying race.

Oversteer - A condition known as being loose, where the car doesn't respond well to the drivers steering. When the driver turns the wheel the car will swing too far, and puts the driver in danger of having an accident.

Rear Spoiler - A blade mounted on the rear deck lid of the car designed to alter the air flow sweeping over the car. The angle of the rear spoiler plays a important part on the downward air pressure that is applied to the car, which effects how the car will handle.

Restrictor Plate - A plate that is attached between the carburetor and the air intake. It restricts the amount of air to the engine and reduces the power of the engine.

Setup - All the various adjustments made to the cars engine, aerodynamics, tires, brakes, etc., for racing that particular day and at that particular track.

Stagger - Use of different-size tires on different wheels to make the car handle better during a race. For example, at the usual track where the cars only turn left, mounting slightly larger tires on the two right wheels gives the car more traction on the ride side when turning left.

and what do they exactly mean

Black - Pull into the pits, your car is not safe, you are not getting up to a fast enough speed, or you have broken a racing rule and you are being penalized.

Black-&-White Crossed - You are no longer being scored, because you are not obeying the black flag, essentially, you are out of the race.

Blue with Yellow Line - You need to move over and let the faster cars pass you, you are apparently going to slow and holding up the field.

Checkered - The end of the race, this is the flag the drivers have been racing for, usually for several hours... A welcome sight to the leader.

Green - The starting flag, and the signal to start the race, or if it was interrupted, the signal to resume the race.

Red - Every driver must stop his car. The race has been halted, often because of weather conditions, or a bad accident. Under red flag conditions, teams are usually not allowed to pit and work on the race cars.

White - When the white flag is shown, there is only one lap left to race.

Yellow - Caution, be careful; something is wrong on the track. This could be an accident, wreckage, oil on the track, a stalled car, weather, or any other unsafe condition.


Here are some of the penalties NASCAR can give out for breaking the pit row rules. NASCAR is not very forgiving and no warnings are given for infractions of the rules listed below. If you break a rule, intentionally or accidentally, you will be penalized.

If your car is over the front line of the pit box - 1 lap penalty

If your car is out of the pit box on the right side - 1 lap penalty

If you pass or race on the pit row - Go to the end of the longest line

If you pit out of order - Go to the end of the longest line

If you have more than seven men over the wall - 15-second penalty per man

If your crew is over the wall too soon - 15 seconds

If you run over an air hose - Go back in the pits

If you run over a jack - Go back in the pits


These are a few NASCAR sounds we found, or were sent to us. We hope you enjoy them, as much as we have...Click on the title of the sound you would like to hear.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

In the Pits

A Speedshot

Turning a Really Fast Lap

The Air Gun

Warming Them Up

Fast Backward Spin

At the Local Dirt Track

A Car Passing by

The Crowd Cheers

Fine in Car

Jeff Gordon - Engine Troubles

Jeff Gordon - Good Lap

Crash - 1

Crash - 2

Crash - 3

Crash - 4


Here's a few examples of personal Car Tags that are registered to Jeff Gordon fans across the country.








VIRGINIA-/font> 3OUT-24n




FLORIDA- RJ24 4 24

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